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Ahl Misr Nile Walkway

Cairo, Egypt

2019 - Ongoing
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Project Description

Approach Words: Inclusive City, Urban Livability, Urban Resilience

Public Policy Instruments: Organization, Physical Intervention, Planning

The Ahl Misr Nile Walkway (lit. ‘Walkway of the People of Egypt’) is a riverfront revitalization project in Greater Cairo Governorate1 The project is a promenade along the Nile equipped with multiple services and facilities, set to become a major recreational and touristic landmark2. The project aligns with Egypt’s Vision 2030 i, aiming to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors alike by offering close-up experiences of the Nile. It also aims to increase greenery and improve the urban landscape along the Nile3.

Title: Phases of Ahl Misr walkway.

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Title: 3D rendering of Ahl Misr walkway.

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Title: The first phase of Ahl Misr walkway after construction.

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Title: The second phase of Ahl Misr walkway after construction.

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To implement these objectives, a plan from four phases of the riverfront development was proposed, extending along an 8 km long segment of the Nile Corniche4

  • First Phase: Includes a two-level promenade extending along a 1.8 kilometers stretch, from 15th of May Bridge to the October Bridge, equipped with multiple services and facilities, with 19 buildings including 62 shops, 5 cafeterias, and 5 restaurants, a theater and three garages5;
  • Second Phase: Comprises two sections, the first extends between Imbaba bridge and Al-Sahel bridge (1.3 km) and the second between Qasr El-Nile bridge and 15 May Bridge (1.9 km). These sections are equipped with 19 new buildings divided into a floating restaurant, 3 cafeterias and 63 shops, in addition to service buildings and theatres6;
  • Third Phase: Extend from Tahya Misr Bridge to Sahel Bridge (1.9 km), and from Qasr Al-Nil Bridge to Meridian Bridge (1.1 km)7;
  • Fourth Phase: The government is in the process of designing a fourth project phase in Zamalek8

Here, the walkway’s commercial, recreational, and touristic activities strive to attract investments and enhance Cairo’s urban landscape, creating jobs in hospitality, recreation, and across commercial and construction industries9. The social activities aspire to promote a vibrant community experience10. Environmentally, the project includes dedicated bicycle lanes to encourage sports and reduce traffic congestion, and more than 3,100 square meters of green areas11. As such, the walkway will be a leading destination for visitors and locals residents alike.

The project was initiated in 2019 by Egyptian president Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and developed by Egyptian joint stock company City Edge Developments, under the supervision of Egypt’s Ministry of Housing’s New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA)12The company has specified a master plan for the project, supervised by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority13.

The first phase of the project was implemented by Arab Contractors with a total cost of EGP 585 million (about $37.2 million) and opened in December 202214. Council Masters company was hired to manage this phase. Meanwhile, as of 2023, the second phase is almost complete, with an investment of almost EGP 800 million. EDECS construction company is responsible for implementation, and Council Masters with the project management15. Phases three and four have been under implementation, with no specific timelines yet announced16.

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