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AUDI’s Mandate

Provide cities with NEEDED TECHNICAL SUPPORT through dedicated training and advisory programs

Strengthen the RELATIONS BETWEEN ARAB CITIES through specialized conferences and meetings

Contribute to BETTER URBAN DEVELOPMENT in Arab cities through qualitative research

MEDIATIZE Arab urban development realities and horizons through various written and audiovisual output formats

Preserve the MEMORY of cities and urban development in the Arab region

The Building

The premises of AUDI was built in the Diplomatic Quarter in 1998, with a generous contribution from the Government of Saudi Arabia. It was designed by Architect Nabil Fanous (1940 – 2017). This architecture displays elements of transparency and openness, effectively incorporates nature within the building, and celebrates various architectural forms under one roof. It is designed around a central spine that supports a wide, cantilevered shading structure, under which functional units are located, including offices, an auditorium, and a glass cube library.