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Frequently Asked Questions

AUDI was founded in 1980 by the Arab Towns Organization (ATO). It is a regional non-governmental, and non-profit organization. It is specialized in research and training in the fields of urban development and municipal affairs. To know more about AUDI.

AUDI is located in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, in the Diplomatic Quarter

AUDI operates across a network of over 650 cities and municipalities spanning 22 Arab countries. Furthermore, AUDI is actively engaged in establishing robust connections with both regional and international development organizations.

AUDI provides diverse portfolio of services and initiatives fields of urban and municipal research, training, capacity building, and networking, custom-designed for city officials across Arab cities, university students, faculty members, as well as experts in urban development. Explore our programs.

AUDI is a non-profit organization that partners with donor and funding agencies both within and outside the Arab region to implement projects and initiatives that directly serve Arab cities and their inhabitants. Therefore, regarding financial support, we do not directly provide funding to cities and municipalities but rather facilitates financing opportunities for their projects and initiatives by connecting them with funding agencies.

AUDI releases an annual calendar showcasing different training programs tailored to experts in the public-municipal sector and urban development fields. Dates for courses and workshops can be accessed on AUDI’s website and its social media platforms. To know more about the Training and Capacity Development Program.

Within the Urban Policy Research Program, AUDI conducts various research projects that support municipalities, universities, and a broader circle of researchers. These efforts involve context analysis, mapping challenges and opportunities, and promoting best practices in urban and municipal development through analytical research. To know more about the Urban Policy Research Program.

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No, not necessarily.

AUDI focuses on the Arab region within four focus areas: municipal Institutional development, urban resilience, local economic development, and livable cities. Additionally, AUDI places significant emphasis on networking and building partnerships, regional and international collaborations to advance development efforts in Arab cities.

ATO is an Arab apolitical, non-religious and non-governmental regional organization. It was founded in the city of Kuwait on March 15th, 1976, and is specialized in the affairs of Arab towns and cities within the 22 Arab countries. The ATO comprises seven institutions, including the Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI), which serves as the ATO’s technical arm specializing in urban and municipal development through research, training, and capacity building.