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Berbera Urban Development Project

Berbera, Somalia

2020 - Ongoing
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Project Description

Approach Words: Inclusive City, Sustainability, Urban Livability

Public Policy Instruments: Physical Intervention, Planning

The Berbera Urban Development Project addresses the need for municipal capacity development and improved urban systems in the coastal city of Berbera1. It aligns directly with Somaliland’s National Development Plan IIi, which aims to reduce poverty through the creation of greater economic opportunities, and investment in the youth, services, production, and infrastructure2.

It aims to achieve the new urban agenda as well as the sustainable development goals, towards creating inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable human settlements3. The project consists of plans and infrastructure project in the fields of urban planning, waste management, and sustainable infrastructure and public spaces4.

Title: Master plan of the Berbera Beach Project, one of the components of the Berbera Urban Development Project.

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Title: Solar-powered streetlights, part of the infrastructure component of the Berbera Urban Development Project.

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Title: pedestrian sidewalks, one of the components of the Berbara Urban Development Project.

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Title: sitting areas at the beach, one of the components of the Berbara Urban Development Project.

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The primary objective of the project is to foster sustainable urban development, enhance employment opportunities for women and youth, and upgrade Berbera’s waste management system5. To do this, it consists of 3 primary components:

Landfill site and waste management system

The aim of this component is to reform the waste management system so that it is sustainable and economically beneficial6. This is done through the minimizing of waste generation, as well as innovatively utilizing existing resources, reusing materials, and spreading awareness on the benefits of a circular approach to local economic development7. Additionally, a new landfill site and recycling facility is proposed in a strategic location for effective waste management8.

Road network and street infrastructure

An additional focus of the project is the development of road networks, to facilitate the movement of waste to a new dumpsite. This includes the construction of a 20 kilometers network of feeder roads, as well as that of internal roads in communities in Berbera9.

Berbera beach development

The urban development project also focuses on fostering inclusion and providing space for local livelihood generation10. Launched in 202111, the beachfront development plan consists of pedestrian walkways, 41 benches, 10 gazebos, 36 sunbeds, 3 swings, 35 recycling bins, 324 trees, and 203 solar-powered streetlights12. The streetlights created a vibrant public space at night, one where people felt safe and eager to encourage nighttime public entertainment activities13. Other facilities include a bus stop, safeguard towers, and stations for food vendors14.

The project was launched in January 202015 and is led by UN-Habitat in partnership with the Berbera municipality16. The estimated budget of the project is EUR 7.5 million, funded by European Development Fund (EDF) under its Regional Indicative Programme (RIP) 2014-2020 for Eastern Africa, Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean17.

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