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AUDI is aiming to create a common ground for both Arab and European cities with mutual interest, to work together with the focus on inter-regional cooperation and networking. The Arab-European Cities Dialogue is an annual event that brings together mayors and practitioners from both regions, on thematic events. It is held interchangeably between Arab and European cities.

AUDI’s Talks aims to create a space and a platform for city leaders and mayors to engage with a wider range of audiences, highlight the challenges of their cities, and promote their best practices. AUDI invites a city leader from its network of cities, which will be broadcasted virtually.

The Arab Urban Development Award sheds the light on best projects, policies and initiatives in the Arab world. The Award specifically encourages out-of-the-box, progressive and innovative urban development practices.

AUDI believes in the value of cooperation and partnerships to enhance the effectiveness of municipalities, for which, it acts as a broker between the diverse entities that make up its network. As a network broker, AUDI facilitates linkages between members of its network, by identifying the unique needs and requirements of each.