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A’sima Tunis

Tunis, Tunisia

2020 - Ongoing
Metropolitan AreaMunicipal DevelopmentStrategyUrban Governance

Project Description

Approach Words: Participatory Approach, Strategic Planning, Sustainability

Public Policy Instruments: Organization, Planning

“A’sima Tunis: Strategic Planning and Multilevel Governance for Resilient Metropolitan City” is an urban planning project by Barcelona Metropolitan Area and Medcities1 to support the territorial planning of the Tunis City in its metropolitan context2.

The A’sima Tunis project is also part of the “Local Authorities: Partnership for sustainable cities” programme by the European Commission (EU)i. The project has the two key aims, with the first being to support the municipality of Tunis in formulating a strategic plan that addresses the metropolitan challenges as per the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The second is to strengthen municipal capacities through creating long term partnerships between the city of Tunis and other members of the MedCities and Metropolis networks, as well as those of other Tunisian municipalities, towards an improved sustainable urban waste management and multilevel governance3.

Title: A’sima Tunis Flyer showing different stakeholders in the project.

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Title: A’sima Tunis Flyer showing the aim, action and results of the project.

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Title: Workshop on inter-municipal waste management within the framework of A’sima Tunis Project.

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Title: Participatory Approach during the diagnosis Phase.

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To meet these objectives, various comprehensive studies have been carried out in the multiple aspects of the project4. As such, the different work areas are designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Strengthen urban management capacity of Tunis through a participatory city strategy aligned with the SDGs.
  • Improve the sustainable waste management system in the municipalities of greater Tunis and enhance their capacities for its implementation.
  • Allow the municipality of Tunis to develop partnerships that contribute to Tunisia’s national urban policies, in addition to regional and global initiatives for sustainable urban development5.

The project is coordinated by the MedCities network, in partnership with the Municipality of Tunis and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area6. The estimated budget of the project is 2.684.785,54 € funded by the European Union7. The project has a duration of 45 months and the implementation will be done in 2024, and it will benefit the 2.6 million inhabitants of the Greater Tunis, which consists of 38 municipalities8.

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