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AUDI Missions

AUDI endeavours’ to support Arab cities and municipalities' urban development efforts, through specialized programs for which it solicits partnerships with local, regional and international organisations.



1.     City Development Strategy Program.

2.     Human Resource Development and Capacity Building program.

3.      Youth and Children program.

4.     Urban Observatories program.

5.      Urban Poverty alleviation program

These programs aim to conduct research and studies (theoretical / applied), that lead to the development of Arab cities. AUDI focus on issues that contribute to advisory research and provide technical and professional support to member cities and local  municipalities,restructuring the departments and enhancing employees' performance.

In contact with consultation firms, counselors and specialized academic and research institutions in the Arab region countries, AUDI developed successful partnerships to utilise their knowledge, expertise and professional experiences in the planning, implementation and management of development programmes in the Arab cities.

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