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AUDI Brief

The Arab Urban Development Institute (AUDI) is the specialized arm of the Arab Towns Organization (ATO) in areas of training, research, consultation, documentation and all that may foster and achieve ATO goals.

AUDI endeavours to achieve the following:

1.     Upgrade and develop the Arab city strategic plans, preserving its identity, historical characteristics, its civilizational and architectural heritage, and highlighting the originality and distinctiveness of its physical features.

2.     Provide training for the municipal cadres to assist in managing the Arab cities  in light of scientific modern methods and means.

3.     To foster relationships and cooperation among Arab cities, ATO, AUDI, and other firms of similar activities.

4.     Identify the problems that face Arab cities and municipal authorities, seeking ways for overcoming the impediments of progress, growth and development; either through providing scientific, technical and administrative expertise or through responding to invitations for presentation of successful experiences.

5.     Conducting studies and research on Arab cities in the economic, social, technical, architectural, and environmental areas... etc.

6.     Provide advisory services, professional and specialized experiences to the Arab cities on urban planning, housing, municipal services… etc.

7.     Utilizing AUDI regional conferences and knowledge platforms for acquainting others with the Arab city various phases of development.

8.     Establishment of a center or more for the collection of information, data, statistics, and documents on Arab cities; then classify, categorize, analyze, and process them with the aid of modern scientific means.

9.     Cooperation with Arab, regional or international financial and technical support institutions, to solicit funding and technical support for the benefit of Arab cities.

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