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Preparatory meeting on the 19th afforestation Symposium


Wednesday 21st December 2016, the nineteenth afforestation symposium Organizing Committee held a meeting at the premises of College of Agriculture, King Saud University. This symposium will be organized by AUDI in cooperation with the college and the municipality of Jazan region.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Rashid Elobaid, Department Head of Plant Production - College of Agriculture, and attended by members of the organizing committee:

·            The plant production department,

·            The Arab Urban Development Institute,

·            The Jazan region municipality represented by: Mr. Yahya Ahmed Hakamy, and Engineer / Hamoud Hassan Kheraizy.

The meeting discussed the general framework, the roles for each party of the organisers, determination of the timetable for receiving and assessment of papers and -for the first time- opportunity was given to receive experiences from the Arab cities.

The meeting agreed on the title of the symposium to be: (Planting and Landscaping of Beaches and Natural Parks). Also, it was agreed on the symposium to be held during 25th and 26th Jamad Awwal 1438 corresponding to 22nd and 23d February 2017.

Objectives, themes, participation, attendance …etc., regarding the details, will be  circulated next week.

AUDI welcome Arab scientific participations as well as attendees who are -for sure- will enrich the discussions.







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